Music Academy in Delhi

Tansen Sarita Vihar offers classes in Carnatic and Hindustani classical music and Best Drawing Courses in Delhi for the interested students. Music is the language spoken all over the world, and it enhances the concentration and grasping power among students.

Reasons to get formal training :

  1. Helpful to enhance skills in singing, voice modulation, various classical songs, and help them to improve their performance without stage fear.
  2. Our institutions offer students to complete diploma courses to add certification for the art they are good at.

Vocal music is of many forms, classical, light, and movie songs but classical music is gaining appreciation from the parents and students in the recent past. Many parents are showing eagerness to enroll their children to enroll in vocal music classes. However, students of different age groups above six years can enroll in our institutions to learn classical vocal music at the comfortable timings. Vocal courses offered at our institute are :

  • Classical Vocal (Shashtriya Sangeet)
  • Light Classical Vocal (Sugam Sangeet)
  • Rabindra Sangeet