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MSV avocations is engaged in activities related to education and performing arts since long. Upon survey of areas in Sarita Vihar and the near vicinity we were not able to find a good music and  modern dance school  providing professional level training in the related fields. We found out that there were standalone activity centres which catered to individual subjects of music and fine arts but none that was devoted to  disseminating the wholistic training in the field of music and dance forms. Thus we sensed that it was the right time for us to serve the residents of Sarita Vihar, Jasola, Sukhdev Vihar, Badarpur,  NFC, Shaheen bag, Madan Pur Khadar and other adjoining areas. It requires professional expertise to understand the nuances of music, musical instruments, fine arts, various ancient and modern dance forms and more importantly these activities also need professional accreditions and certification. It is here that Tansen Sarita Vihar brings the most structured form of courses for these subjects so that we understand beauty and importance of music, dance and related activities.


In todays’s world,  it is not just the competition has increased  but we have also witnessed an increase in its scope and dimensions. Today,  It may be easy to tell apart and distinguish students in terms of their academic ability, but the students who are good at extracurricular activities hold a clear edge over others. It not just adds an extra feather in your cap but may help you get extra grades and considerations in a lot of institutes. In fact to promote culture and unique skills a lot of governments and organisations across the world are giving more and more importance to the music and sports related achievements. We offer courses upto postgraduate levels and we are affiliated with Prayag Sangeet Samity Allahabad, Prachin Kala Kendra Chandigarh. We offer full support right from filling up the forms to providing relevant training as per the curriculum. Tansen Sarita Vihar is also an examination Centre for Trinity School of London and we facilitate our students to train as per the curriculum of trinity. Thus, we at Tansen Sarita Vihar not just provide training from the point of view of entertainment but also from the professional standpoint. Thus our endeavour is to promote music as food for soul as well as an avenue for one’s career.


We have already trained hundreds of students and are earnestly imparting training to innumerable students from across the nearby areas. We have a few unique programs that are not just entertaining for the our students but are also a source of inspiration for us.


We have a few very unique programs to help our students gain in confidence and deliver their performance professionally in front of an audience. This enables them to feel comfortable with the experience of performing live in front of crowds. We keep participating in shows and big programs to enable our students to grow in their respective subjects. We also have a concept of Mehfils which are a regular feature to make students comfortable in their subjects. In Mehfils, we make them perform in front of a small gathering which also includes their near and dear ones so that they get encouragement for their growing skills. This way the parents or the near ones are made aware of the progress their ward or relative is making in their respective fields.


We take full care of the needs of our students. We keep them updated about all the developments in the field of music and arts and help them whenever they need us. We provide them with silent auditions, workshops, big platforms to hone their skills and stand out as winners. We provide cordial atmosphere to our students and create environment which is most conducive for their progress. Our staff is very cordial and is always there to assist you to enhance your happiness quotient. cordial and is always there to assist you to enhance your happiness quotient.

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